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Location description ET center Nueckel

To make better use of the genetic potential of valuable animals, MASTERRIND applies most modern methods of reproductive medicine at its Embryo Transfer (ET) center in Nueckel.

In the conventional ET program, multiple ovulations are triggered in a female animal at the same time. Subsequently the insemination of the animal takes place with semen of a selected bull. After six to seven days, such embryos can be flushed from the uterus without surgery. After assessment of the embryos in the laboratory, an experienced ET team transfers these to recipients. If own recipients are not available, MASTERRIND offers to transfer embryos to MASTERRIND owned animals or to store the embryos deep-frozen.

Another option is the production of embryos by using IVP (in vitro production). In the first step, oocytes are isolated by the OPU (Ovum pick-up) technique. This is performed minimally invasively by means of ultrasound monitored withdrawal of the follicles from the ovary. These follicles contain the oocytes, which are subsequently matured in the laboratory (in vitro) until they are fertilized with semen of selected bulls. After a one-week culture phase, these embryos can also be transferred to recipients or stored deep-frozen until transfer.

MASTERRIND also offers the possibility of determining the breeding value of embryos before transfer. For this purpose, single cells are withdrawn from the embryos, which serve as material for the further analysis. In the molecular biological laboratory of the ET center, the hereditary material of the cells is first multiplied and the sex is determined. The following analyses are then carried out in close cooperation with the laboratory IFN Schönow e.V. and vit (data center) in Verden.



ET center Nueckel
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