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Our new SIRE DIRECTORY’s feature the most recent Holstein offering from Germanys Premier Holstein Breeding program, with breeding values expressed on German and seperately on US base. MASTERRIND has defined 9 key selection groups to match the diverse customer demand worldwide, whether the focus is on RZG & RZ€; TPI & NM$, Production, Health traits, Milk Solids and Show type or the emphasize is on Red & White and Polled genetics. In addition, MASTERRIND always features a fine selection of bulls in other dairy breeds like Milking Simmental (Fleckvieh), Brown Swiss (Braunvieh) or Jersey plus a Top selection of bulls from all major beef breeds particularly selected and tested for crossbreeding. Don´t hesitate to ask us about further information on all these different groups.



Sire Directory August 2022

German base

US base

Milking Simmental

Beef Breeds






International Offer Manager – Daughter companies and affiliates support
Dr. Matthias Riedl

(West-Europe, North & South-America, Oceania)

Mobile: +49 178 6603625

International Area Business Manager
Erik Büscherhoff

(Africa, Austria, Scandinavia)

Phone: +49 4231 679-680
Mobile: +49 174 9959058

International Area Business Manager
Steffen Feurich

(East-Europe, Iran, India, Pakistan)

Phone: +49 3521 4704-51
Mobile: +49 178 6623813